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Read & Write Comprehension

  • 2-5 students per class (1 hour)

  • $400 per lesson

  • For P.1 – P.6

  • Online / face-to-face

  • develops reading, writing and presentation skills

Read & Write Comprehension (RWC) is an all round twelve-level series that develops language skills through a broad range of texts.


Using age-appropriate and involving material to develop reading, writing and presentation skills, RWC is an ideal programme for 5-12 years old to acquire language competence and gain confidence.


It builds up reading skills through a wide variety of material students need to read including stories and non-fiction.


The writing tasks give students the opportunity to write in context as they develop their thinking through different output types. Each unit of lessons also has a presentation section where students learn to convert ideas and words into speech.

Key Features:

  • Broad range of text including stories and non-fiction

  • Reading and writing tasks with a strong emphasis on output

  • Diverse exercises to enhance and reinforce acquisition

  • Oral presentation

​Course Details

RWC is a twelve-level course that develops  reading, writing and presentation skills of Primary 1 to 6 students.

The topics and choice of material are designed to complement what students are learning at school.

The wide variety of involving and authentic text types from stories to history will develop language skill as it motivates students to read broader and deeper on their own.


The reading sections help students to develop progressively from reading for understanding to reading for insight; each section is supported with pre- and post- reading activities.


The writing tasks give students opportunities to practice the language skills acquired as they develop their ideas and understanding through writing, which in turn increases their confidence and enthusiasm to write.

The presentation tasks, as extension to writing, help students to express their ideas through short and concise oral messages. The tasks also develop their public speaking skills and confidence.

Course Content

Student Works

Level 1 (Primary 1)
Level 5 (Primary 3)
Level 9 (Primary 5)
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