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Read Write Inc.

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  • 2-5 students per class (1 hour)

  • $400 per lesson

  • For K.1 – P.3

  • Online / face-to-face

  • Understand phonics in 3 months

Phonics helps children overcome their hurdle (and fear...) of reading when they first encounter new and unfamiliar words. With sounds as foundation, children are quickly able to read accurately and fluently so they can take steps to write and compose solidly.

Course Details



Children learn to read using some 40+ sounds and blend these sounds into words. Unlike reading with letter-names, they experience success from the very beginning. The accompanying books are closely matched to their increasing knowledge of phonics so that as children read and re-read the stories, their fluency increases.


In a small class setting, reading is enhanced with sounds reinforcement and ideas development as teachers demonstrate and classmates discuss.




Writing is developed though spelling, context and ideas.


Spelling is the first hurdle to writing but children who are equipped with phonics learning to spell using sounds which facilitates spelling considerably.


The context of writing is provided by the rich and age-appropriate stories of the course.  As children learn to write on their own and strengthened through the support of teachers, they begin to compose in greater diversity and complexity.


In a small class setting, children discuss and explore different ideas for writing as they are supported by teachers, and their writing is developed as personal experiences is combined with ideas from the stories.

Course Content

RWI is suitable for children from K1 to P3 levels. The course is divided into 9 levels with the class size of 2-5 students. Children are required to take a pre-assessment test to be grouped into classes based on English ability. The use of graded teaching materials is also subject to the progress of each individual class. Children will be awarded a certificate after they have completed a level. By end of the course, your child will be able to:

  • Learn 44 pure sounds through interactive activities

  • Learn the skills of sounds blending and segmenting


Write the corresponding letters and letter groups of the 44 pure sounds

  • Read and write simple sentences

  • Apply phonics knowledge to storybook reading

  • Develop comprehension skills through questions and discussions

  • Learn to write simple sentences and compose stories based on picture strips and discussion prompts

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