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Our Teachers

All the teachers from our centre received training for RWI and RWC courses.

Teachers in Jordan Centre
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Teacher Henry
(BSc, DipCS, MDiv, CertTESOL)

Teacher Henry graduated from Simon Fraser University, Canada, with a Bachelor of Science degree (Co-Operative Education). While working as a genetics laboratory assistant, he pursued his theological training at Regent College, Vancouver, Canada. He also received his CertTESOL from Trinity College London. 

Henry was born and educated in Canada, but he has lived and worked in Hong Kong since 2006. His work experience in Hong Kong includes pastoring English-speaking congregations as well as teaching Religious Education and English Language at a secondary school.

When Henry is at home, he enjoys reading picture books to his son, Caleb, and taking him on long walks in his stroller. Henry is passionate about nurturing a love of reading in his students and wants them to learn that mistakes and setbacks are opportunities for growth and character development. 

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Teacher Queenie
(BA, PGDE, cert: teaching student with SEN)

Teacher Queenie graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a First Class Honours in English Studies and History of Fine Arts. She then completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Education specialising in teaching English as a Second Language.


Queenie has experience in teaching toddlers as well as primary level students in both private tutoring and in-school classroom settings. Her teaching philosophy is that children should learn English as a language for communication rather than purely as an academic subject. She believes that through the language learning experience, students should seek to become expressive individuals who are also socially-aware and caring.


As a lover of the arts, Queenie enjoys reading, painting, and calligraphy in her spare time.

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Teacher Maggie

Teacher Maggie is currently studying for her Bachelor of Arts in English at the City University of Hong Kong, majoring in Language and Literature and minoring in Philosophy. She attained 5* for HKDSE Reading and Speaking and 5 overall in English.

Maggie has experience teaching English to students aged 2-18 in both group and individual settings. She believes that the classroom should be a safe space for students to be themselves - secure in learning and delight in progressing.

When she is not teaching, reading novels and spending time with her friends and family are Maggie’s favourite ways to unwind.

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Teacher Farheen
Teacher Tina
Teacher Dominic

Teacher Farheen is currently studying for her Bachelor of Science at the University of Hong Kong. She attained a 5* in reading, speaking and listening and 5* overall as well. 

Farheen hopes to create a lively and comfortable environment for children to learn in and is eager to share her knowledge in a way catered to children. Outside of her studies, she likes to paint, watch TV shows, and try out various delicacies. As a teacher, Farheen is looking forward to bonding with her students!  

Teacher Tina is currently studying for her bachelor degree at the City University of Hong Kong, her majors is English for Professional Communication and minor is Chinese for Professional Purposes. She attained a 5* for speaking, 5 overall in HKDSE English and an overall band score of 8 in IELTS.


Tina’s has experience in private tutoring primary and secondary students. She believes that rote-learning hinders rather than benefits children’s learning; hence, she tries to incorporate innovative learning methods when she teaches.  Tina is fond of children thus spends a lot of her spare time talking with her students.


In her free time, she enjoys hiking and travelling with friends and family. She is also learning French.

Teacher Dominic is currently studying for his Bachelor of Arts at the City University of Hong Kong, majoring in English Literature.  He achieved 5* overall for his HKDSE in English.

Having been encouraged to learn English at a young age, he strongly believes that a person’s English proficiency is not dependant on talent or gifting, but rather their learning environment and the nurturing received at the early stages of development.  Hence, he hopes to create a warm and fun teaching environment which will encourage students to develop on their own, even after graduating from primary and secondary schools.

In his free time, he enjoys reading and writing novels as well as analysing movies and TV shows.

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Teacher Sumi

Sumiksha is currently studying for her Bachelor of Arts in English, majoring in Professional Communication at City University of Hong Kong. She is concurrently taking a TESOL course.


Her teaching philosophy is rooted in patience and kindness, fostering an encouraging and safe environment where students can develop a growth mindset. She believes that when students acquire perseverance, they can be persistent with their studying and learn to not give up. As a teacher, she hopes her students will not shy away from challenges and enjoy learning through regardless of hurdles.

Teachers in North Point Centre
Teacher Scarlett.jpeg
Teacher Scarlett

Teacher Scarlett graduated from the City University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She scored a 5** for speaking, 5* in reading, and 5 overall in HKDSE English.

She has experience tutoring private students, teaching in tutorial centres and instructing homework classes in public schools- with student from 3 to 18 years old. She strives to be the kind of teacher students enjoy learning from.

Teacher Rayzel

Teacher Rayzel graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English at the City University of Hong Kong. She obtained 5* in speaking and 5 overall in HKDSE English.

Rayzel has experience in private tutoring and teaching at tutorial centres. She has taught students from kindergarten to secondary school. As a teacher, she hopes her students will become motivated and confident in learning.

During her free time, she enjoys reading and singing, meeting with friends and family to catch up, and working out to relax.

Teacher Kelly

Teacher Kelly is currently studying for her Bachelor of Arts at the City University of Hong Kong, she is majoring in English with Language and Literature. She attained 5 in her English DSE, with a 5** in writing and a 5* in speaking.  


Kelly is passionate about teaching and hopes to encourage students to find joy and fun in learning. She's experienced in teaching primary school students and she hopes to share her knowledge as she continues her journey of becoming a good educator. Kelly hopes to be a good teacher who makes learning a fun experience while always being there for her students.

In her spare time, she likes to read and also writes some on her own. Kelly speaks 5 languages and will continue to learn more in her free time

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Teacher Cecilia
(Online class's teacher)

Teacher Cecilia graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce at the University of New South Wales, Australia.  She then obtained a Certificate IV in TESOL in 2016 to further realise her interest in teaching.


She has taught English for more than 12 years, to both children and adults, at formal schools and English learning centres. While she enjoys teaching adults, her passion lies in interacting with children and nurturing their growth. Her forte is making lessons engaging and understandable for children.

Teacher Jenicka

Teacher Jenicka is currently studying for her Bachelor of Arts at the City University of Hong Kong, majoring in English Professional Communication. She attained a 5* for speaking and a level 5 overall in HKDSE English. 


Her aspiration for teaching stemmed from being the eldest sister in her family, where she found delight in spending time with her younger siblings whether through playing games or helping them with their homework. She found joy and purpose in that, and it inspired her to pursue a career in education. Jenicka hopes to be a good educator, as well as a great role model to her students.

Teacher Eunice

Teacher Eunice holds a Bachelor of Accounting , Master of Financial Analysis and Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Australia. She also achieved an overall IELTS score of 8.


Her experience from leading preschool and toddler classes in Australia convicted her to implement developmentally appropriate activities and programmes to foster learning and development in young minds.  She also has online teaching experience, especially with helping children improve their English-speaking skills. Eunice is dedicated to nurturing students' overall growth and strives to achieve this in all her educational endeavours.

Teachers in Whampoa Centre
Teacher Valery
(MSSc, Cert TEFL)

Teacher Valery graduated from City University of Hong Kong with a Master of Social Sciences degree and majored in English language and culture for her bachelor’s degree. She received her TEFL certificate from TEFL International.

Valery has experience in teaching both small classes and individuals. She likes to interact with students in a fun and nurturing environment. With the belief that passion fuels action, she hopes to use her teaching to develop students’ passion for English and guide them towards their learning goals effectively.

Teacher Kerry

Teacher Kerry studied Spanish and English at the City University of Hong Kong and then English at the University of Central Lancashire.


Kerry has worked in several tutoring centres and is experienced in teaching children. She has also been a private tutor for primary and secondary students for several years. Passionate about teaching, Kerry hopes to raise students' motivation by building a fun and interactive atmosphere.

Teacher Jonathan

Teacher Jonathan graduated from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law. He completed the Cambridge CELTA in 2015 and is currently studying an MA TESOL from the University of Birmingham (U.K).


Jonathan has over 8 years of teaching experience and is a certified RWI instructor. He is a strong proponent of fostering a communicative classroom and believes that an ideal teacher is one who can adapt to varied classroom situations to build students’ communicative success and he finds great satisfaction in witnessing their growth in both language skills and character.


In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys running, physical therapy exercises, basketball and playing the guitar. He strongly believes that a sound body goes hand in hand with a sound mind.

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