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Comprehension & Writing Preparatory

  • 2-5 students per class (1 hour)

  • $400 per lesson

  • For K.3 students

  • Online / face-to-face

  • Develops primary level reading & writing skills

​Course Details

Comprehension and Writing (Preparatory) is a flexible English course that prepares K3 children for a variety of primary school needs.  Based on their levels and paths, the programme includes basic instruction language and tasks that might be new to preschoolers, reading and writing skills development using primary school level text genres, and more advanced preparation for children headed for "plus-one" schools.


Lessons are  school oriented and topical: school life, friendship, nature...etc.,  so learners could integrate their language learning and social development.  Topics are explored through reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing and skills consolidation.  Within each topic, clear reading and writing goals are introduced: reading pictures and numbers, identifying characters and differences, writing sentences and paragraphs for letters and reports...etc.  Together they help young learners build a solid language foundation.


In-class reading and writing tasks includes multiple choices, matchings and writing that are designed to build strong comprehension and independent writing.  Each lesson also has a small and level appropriate take-home assignment that further consolidates the skills acquired.

Material Sample

Level 1 (Primary 1)_Lesson 3 Reading
Level 1 (Primary 1)_Lesson 4 Writing
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