Read & Write Extension

  • 2-5 students per class (1 hour)

  • $380 per lesson

  • For K.2 – S.1

  • Online / face-to-face

  • Focus on discussion and writing

A core feature of our programmes (Read Write Inc., the Read & Write series) is that learners are exposed to a wide range of readings, enjoyed by learners and appreciated by parents both for the quality (and fun!) of the content and the learning benefits they bring.


Outside of these programmes, however, some parents find that it remains difficult to encourage their children to read or write.  To meet these needs and to ensure that the benefits learners received are further nurtured, we offer Read & Write Extension (RWE) for those who are already participating in our programmes .  RWE uses many well-regarded public domain material for children aged 4-11, and is designed to enhance their reading and writing skills as it nurtures their lifelong reading habit.

Course Details
  • Age appropriate reading material for 4-11 years old

  • A wide genre, fiction and non-fiction, with specific interest for boys and girls

  • Discussion and writing sections follow each reading, aimed at stimulation and reinforcement

  • Separate streams for literature and liberal studies

Course Content
  • One session a week, one hour per session

  • Two to Five students per class

  • For literature, the core readings are from the ever popular Oxford Reading Tree series

  • For liberal studies, the focus is on age-appropriate current affairs