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Grammar for Writing

  • 2-5 students per class (1 hour)

  • $400 per lesson

  • For K.3 – P.6

  • Online / face-to-face

  • Understand grammatical features and apply in writing

  • Click here for the curriculum


"Half of good philosophy is good grammar” Anonymous


There is no love-hate relationship for English learners like that with grammar, adults wish they could perfect it while children dread having to learn it…


Learning grammar is fundamental to good language acquisition and a good grammatical foundation enables learners to express themselves with far greater clarity and coherence, making them much better speakers and writers.


Grammar for Writing!

Grammar for Writing is a comprehensive programme that enables children to learn through clear illustrations, systematic exercises and relevant genres of text.

Course Details 
  1. Learn in and through context

  2. Understand grammatical features with great familiarity

  3. Assimilate into reading and writing



  • Easily understood, readily applied

    • Grammatical features are illustrated through level-appropriate text, helping children to learn in context

    • Illustrations, explanations and exercises are all designed to help children reproduce with consistency and accuracy in their own writings


  • Systematic acquisition

    • Lessons match the learning needs of children at different stages

    • Grammatical features are illustrated as easy to understand rules and are integrated into well designed classwork and homework

  • Practice makes perfect

    • Classwork is designed to make sense of each grammatical feature, connecting the features with the text read and output required

    • Each lesson includes a task designed to consolidate key learnings while developing writing skills

Sample Booklet

Level 1 (Primary 1)
Level 6 (Primary 3)
Level 10 (Primary 5)
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